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Every Job, Every Fabric, Every Uniform.

Get durability and abrasion resistance you can count on with CAD-CUT® heat transfer vinyl. No matter the sport, no matter the fabric, STAHLS’® has the right material.

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The STAHLS’® Team Decorator is an in-depth, sport-by-sport guide to material selection, decoration placement, and the services STAHLS’® offers.

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Full Contact Durability

Choose the sports uniform material that can take a beating without tearing or peeling off. When using the right materials and application, these heat transfer vinyl options can outlast the life of the garment.

Thermo-FILM® Athletic Material


STAHLS’® Thermo-FILM® is the #1 athletic heat transfer material worldwide. A reputation like that is not earned easily. With its excellent durability, abrasion resistance, and superior opacity, STAHLS’® Thermo-FILM® is the best choice for full-contact sports uniforms.

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Thermo-GRIP® Athletic Material


When it comes to uniforms made from nylon mesh, nylon knits, or Dazzle®, STAHLS’® Thermo-GRIP® is your winning choice. Featuring a semi-gloss finish, superior adhesion and durability, Thermo-GRIP® gives a striking look that won’t come off.

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The Strength of Flexibility

Flexible performance wear is on the rise in popularity. Athletes love these garments due to their light weight and breathability. These garments can offer their own challenges, like dye migration and scorching. Expand your business by offering customized performance wear for your teams.

Premium Plus™ Athletic Sample

CAD-CUT® Premium Plus™

The last thing you want to do with expensive performance wear is apply a stiff, heavy material. With extra stretch and rebound, as well as its soft feel and light weight, Premium Plus™ is ideal for decorating performance wear. Fabrics that would normally get scorched are no challenge for Premium Plus™, as it applies at a lower temperature.

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Silicone Dye-Block™ Athletic Sample

Silicone Dye-Block™

This dye-blocking material is stretchable with great rebound, making it perfect for athletic garments. Plus, its ability to block dye migration on sublimated polyester makes it an easy choice for difficult fabrics.

SuperTEK® Sublistop™ Athletic Sample

SuperTEK® Sublistop™

The detail of full color digital transfer is now available for performance wear. SuperTEK® Sublistop™ will print on almost any garment, allowing you to decorate sublimated polyester jerseys with ease.

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Athletic Services

Things get busy when it’s time to decorate for your teams. STAHLS’® athletic services allow you to save time by supplying you the right materials, ready to apply.

Pre-Cut Letters & Numbers Athletic Material

Pre-Cut Letters & Numbers

Personalizing team uniforms doesn’t need to be complicated. Eliminate the hassle of cutting your own letters and numbers. By using Pre-Cuts, you can heat apply names and numbers quickly and efficiently.

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Pre-Spaced Text & Numbers Athletic Material

Pre-Spaced Text & Numbers

You need to get your team logos, player names, and numbers right the first time. Save time aligning separate letters and numbers by going Pre-Spaced. Pre-Spaced Text & Numbers simplifies the process of personalizing uniforms even further.

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Player Perfect® Athletic Marterial

Player Perfect® Text & Numbers

Customizing uniforms couldn’t be easier. Upload a roster and receive your players names and numbers pre-spaced and ready to apply.

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Split Front Jersey Athletic Material

Split Front Jerseys

Jerseys with split fronts, like softball and baseball button-ups, can be difficult to get right. When you want to decorate across the split with the team’s logo, make sure you get it right. STAHLS’® Any Word. Any Way.™ gives you the Split Front option.

Learn How to Easily Apply Logos to Split Front Jerseys

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