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Materials That Perform

As fabrics get more flexible, stretchable, and breathable – decorating these garments gets more challenging. That’s where Heat Transfer Technology really shines with a wide variety of materials with excellent stretch and rebound and evolving tools to prevent scorching.

Performance Wear Material

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Handbook: Performance Wear

Eliminate Scorching

When heat printing on polyester, Spandex/Lycra®, and other performance fabrics, it’s easy to scorch. Avoid the heat press box with materials designed for lower temperature application and tools, like the Power Platen™, developed with scorching in mind.

When Softness Matters

Athleisure and performance wear are engineered to feel soft on the skin. The decorated materials you heat apply should have the same lightweight, barely-there feeling.

Stretch with the Garment

Performance wear is meant to be worn tight against the body so it’s important to select a material that can stretch as the garment and body move. You don’t want the material to crack when it should flex.

Premium Plus Performance Wear Material

CAD-CUT® Premium Plus™

Premium Plus™ is the answer to decorating without complication. It is the go-to choice when printing on stretchy, soft fabrics prone to scorching under high heat.

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SuperTEK® Sublistop™ Performance Wear Material

SuperTEK® Sublistop™ Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

The detail of full color digital transfers engineered for performance wear. SuperTEK® Sublistop™ will heat apply on almost any garment, allowing you to decorate everything from polyester to neoprene.

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