A2Z Swing Away Heat Press

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A2Z Swing Away Heat Press

Get ready for professional, reliable results with every print. Designed to outperform and outlast cheap imports, the USA made A2Z Swing Away delivers accurate time, temp and pressure every time you print.

The A2Z Swing Away heat press puts you in the t-shirt printing business for only $775. Start printing everything from A to Z.


A2Z Heat Press
A2Z Heat Press
Swing Away
Upper Platen
15″ x 15″ Platen
Optional platens available
Digital Time,
Temperature Display
Over-Center Pressure

Quick Start Videos

  • Starting Up the Heat Press
  • Setting the Time/Temp
  • Setting the Pressure
  • Tips for a Perfect Press Every Time

Where do I buy the A2Z Heat Press?

The A2Z Swing Away Heat Press is sold exclusively through STAHLS’ and Transfer Express.