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Stahls’ Spirit Sale Stahls’ Spirit Sale

Online Selling Made Simple

Spirit Sale™ allows you to build unlimited online stores fully branded and customized to your customers. Setup stores in minutes and easily organize multiple group or team orders. With one flat rate, no hidden fees, and an integrated blank apparel catalog, Spirit Sale™ is a powerful software tool that makes online selling simple for decorators.

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Icon Easily Personalize Stores for Every Customer

Spirit Sale™ lets you customize each store for your client, giving it a personalized look and feel for their specific branding. Fill the store with the exact apparel or accessories needed and make it an easy ordering experience for customers so you can quickly convert interest to sales.

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Icon Seamlessly Integrate Popular Apparel Catalogs

With thousands of style, size, and color options, Spirit Sale™ makes it easy by integrating popular apparel catalogs from three industry-leading suppliers: SanMar, S&S, and AlphaBroder. Save hours of setup time by quickly populating from the available catalogs.

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Icon Avoid Hidden Fees and Monthly Charges

Spirit Sale™ is one annual price. There are NO hidden fees. Unlike our competitors, we do not take a percentage of your sales or charge any transaction processing fees. You drive the sales, so you keep the profits.

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Icon Simply Track Orders, Payments, & Production

Spirit Sale™ allows you to track sales from start to finish, all in one place. Track every detail of any order from payment and fulfilment to invoices and shipping notices. You can streamline order processing and enable more production time, which will generate more revenue for your business.

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Make Your Life Easier with Spirit Sale™ Management Tools

Need to find the status for an order? Tired of cluttered spreadsheets and files? With one simple dashboard, you can track orders, production, and revenue. Keep orders organized and even schedule important events or appointments in the Spirit Sale™ calendar.

Production Tools
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Personalize for Every Market with Spirit Sale™

The powerful online platform allows you to personalize for any client, team, group, or trend. Because you can create stores unique to any customer base, Spirit Sale™ works to simplify and increase your orders for every market.

  • Schools & Sports
  • Fan Wear & Spirit Wear
  • Corporate Branding
  • Event Merchandise
  • Fundraising
  • Fashion & Boutique
Example Stores
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There’s No Devil in the Details with Spirit Sale™

Spirit Sale™ is unlike any other eCommerce platform because there are NO hidden fees. Create unlimited stores, design garments, generate profits, all with one flat rate. Sell without interference and keep control of every cent of every transaction for your business.