10 Reasons to Choose Spirit Sale over Other eCommerce Platforms

STAHLS Spirit Sale eCommerce Platform

If you’re unfamiliar with STAHLS’ Spirit Sale, this awesome eCommerce platform is the ultimate online selling solution your business needs. Easily set up shops, manage customer orders, and schedule production all from one central location. With Spirit Sale, you can customize each store for your client, giving it the look they want and filling it with the apparel and accessories they need. With three online designers to fit any decorating need, a fully integrated apparel catalog, and a competitive price, this eCommerce platform is designed to make your life and selling experience easier.


Top Advantages of Spirit Sale

  • No Hidden Fees
  • One Up-Front Cost
  • Virtual Demos
  • No Installation
  • No Store Limits
  • User Friendly
  • Real-Time Previews
  • Management Tools
  • Pricing Quotes
  • Top-Notch Support


STAHLS’ Takes No Cut of Your Sales

There are no hidden fees! Unlike our competitors, we won’t take a percentage of your sales. There’s no commission paid back to STAHLS’ and we won’t charge a credit card processing fee per transaction.


No Monthly Charges

We don’t charge a monthly fee! It’s a flat annual price with no hidden fees. You drive the sales, so you keep the profits.


Easily Schedule a Demo with our Experts

Let us show you how you can use Spirit Sale to grow your business and increase your profits. Our representatives are available to take you behind the scenes and demonstrate Spirit Sale’s easy-to-use tools. It’s easy to schedule a demo—head over to our calendar and pick the date and time that works for you!


No Installation Required

Spirit Sale uses a cloud-based software. There’s no cumbersome installation process you’ll have to go through.


Set Up Unlimited Stores

We don’t put a cap on the number of stores you add, and we don’t charge per store. There’s no extra fee if you go over a certain number of stores. The sky’s the limit! Set up a store for many different jobs, like school spirit wear, corporate gear, fashion apparel, events, fundraisers, and more!


Stores are Easy to Build

It’s fast and easy to set up your stores in just a few steps. You don’t need any prior experience when setting up stores like you do with some competitor sites. If you ever get stuck, simply schedule a demo with one of our experts and we’ll walk you through the entire process!


Preview Personalization in Real-Time 

Real-Time Personalization Preview with STAHLS Spirit Sale

Instantly view what your personalized apparel and accessories will look like with your customized additions. This is the best way to get customers excited about their purchase, leading to higher average order values and more profit for you.


Keep Your Shop on Track & Profitable

With our user-friendly digital whiteboard, take control of every aspect of running your shop. Track every sale from payment to production and shipping all in one place, leaving no room for mistakes. Quickly find where specific orders are in the process. Use reports to know your costs, profits, and taxes down to the last cent.


Quote-to-Order Tool

This is Spirit Sale’s most popular feature! You can easily get pricing quotes in real-time based on your customized pricing and mark-ups. Once the quote is built, a URL is generated that can be shared with customers. They can easily make comments, approve their orders, and pay all in a matter of seconds. 

Quote to Order Tool in STAHLS Spirit Sale

Personalized Quote View in STAHLS Spirit Sale


Customer Support is Always Available

Once you purchase your Spirit Sale subscription, we’ll get you set up with the training you need. Our account managers are available to help you along the way if you have any questions.


As you can see, Spirit Sale is the eCommerce solution your business needs to succeed in any market! These are just a few of the top advantages—watch this in-depth video on online stores made simple to see how Spirit Sale can work for you.


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