Be able to update several products at once

It would be great to be able to update (publish/delete) several products at once from the product list page. I’m doing a major store update and have to delete/confirm products one by one.

Ability to “Chat” with customers

This way if an item is out of stock, or something needs to be changed we can discuss it with them without having to go to our email. Probably just me, but I have been having a hard time sending emails and not getting responses because it ends up in someone’s junk folder.

View front and back of product at the same time

Many shirts have a front and back design. It would be nice if both images can up when someone clicked on an item. Many people see the front design and never click the small icon that changes the view from front to back.

Please add Square POS

Square is one of the largest POS for small businesses and would love to have spiritsale integrated with this. No monthly fees and great reporting!