Add paid or unpaid on invoice

When printing invoices, they don’t show if they are paid or not. Would be nice to show those with a balance due.

Go to Cart button

Once an item is placed in the cart a button pops up and says it was placed into the cart. After a few seconds that button goes away. Would be nice to have a way to have that change to go to cart and stay lit. Many tell me the don’t realize the only place to get to the cart is to look at the top right where the number of items in the cart shows by a small shopping bag. I use the minimal template and I cannot adjust the size of the icons to make them stand out. I could in other templates. But a continue shopping and go to cart button may be helpful.

Upcharge Price on its own level

Currently the only place to add the upcharge is on the same button as the price that will change for all varients. So as I add an upcharge later down the road, it changes ALL prices for each item AND the upcharge. I don’t want the prices to change for the items, only the upcharge. But because they are in the same window, it changes all my pricing. When I have many colors of the same design and sizes are different prices, this is a lot of fixing. This is under set global sell price.