Note Label-Number of characters

We would really like to see the Notes label have a lot more characters that are currently allowed. We need to sometimes give more specific instructions and are very limited with what we can enter.

Settings: Sort and rename Color and Size Libraries

We would like to have these 2 libraries have the ability to be resorted in a list that suits us best. We have to scroll a lot since we have so many sizes (lots of pant sizes!) instead of having the most used sizes, S, M, L,XL, etc. being at the top of the list. Same with Colors. We woud like to be able to sort which will also let us see redundant entries

Promo Code-Cover Taxes and Shippng

Our Clients want to be able to have their employees use the promo code to cover all costs including taxes and shipping up to the promo code amount. If a client has $100 promo for their employees and they only spend $70, the employee is on the hook for tax and shipping even though there is still $30.00 promo $$ left.

Promo Code by Store

It would be really clean if we could create and edit a promo code within a specific store, not in global settings.