Bulk updating prices

The ability to bulk update items, especially pricing. Also would love the ability to bulk upload new items from a template. I did this with eBay for years, over 10k items at a time, uploaded from a CSV or Excel file. Definitely a power user item, but with pricing changing the way it has been, we need a more efficient way to update prices if nothing else.

Review and adjust weight at shipping

Need to add the ability to review and adjust the shipping weight, it needs to be in pounds and ounces, and the ability to set a preset for the user (like my packages would default to 1pound & 8oz, 12x12x2) but could be overridden.

Better control within Design Center

Give better controls to see the order of the items on the page (layers) and copy/paste etc. Additionally, maybe make it easier to allow this to happen at all.
Also, if the image is white and so is the background it doesn’t show until you click on it.