Edit, Cancel, and Delete Quotes

We should be able to edit the expiration date of quotes after they have expired or cancel and delete them. We have a number of quotes that we created to enter in information from our previous system that we did not realize had expiration dates. When they expired we can’t do anything with them, including delete them. They are just taking up space. We should have more control of the information we input on the back end.

Add secondary or multicolors in custom product color catalog

Some products are multi colored (tie dyed, striped, polka dot, etc.) and more than one color may need to be displayed to show the difference. Product base colors may be the same but the accent color will be different (ex. black w/blue vs. black w/red). There is no way to show this as we cant add two black product options. This is available for catalog items, but is not possible for custom items.