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Would love to see a “send” button so we can SEND the quote and note a date it was sent. This would be great for tracking – like, oh I sent this to Greg 2 weeks ago, need to follow up. OR…
Allow production options on quotes, like create,send, follow-up and MOVE TO PRODUCTION…PLEASE!

I sent out 4 quotes for uniforms for softball teams, they were approved, but now, in order to get to the production line, I have to create a whole new file….

When you create a quote, you don’t get a send option, and you literally have to EXIT to quote, then re-open to get the “open” option and then hit resend to make sure your client gets the quote sent to them…

By creating options for quotes to move in a marketing type production line, it would allow us to make notes on follow ups and see what is going on with a specific quote at any given time. I know you can make notes, but you have to OPEN each quote to review those notes and then scroll through them. These notes could be modified, but a quick marketing glance of production, would be amazing. ESPECIALLY moving a quote to production and allowing additional items to be added.

We are a brick and mortar so we have a lot of people wanting pricing, quotes and options from embroidery to dtg to dtf to vinyl to whatever. This can make a quote complicated, but a perfect way to close a client and then run that quote (modified with their choices), over to production.

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