Reset Fundraiser Totals


Add the ability to reset the fundraiser totals for a store periodically for the stores that are used annually. That way we won’t need to clone or recreate a store just to get the fundraiser totals back to $0.

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  1. Once we all cast said vote what is the timeline to then have the updates in place for us to use or see the result in Spiritsale? Or a reason why it will not or may not be incorporated?

    1. Great question! Voting is important because it tells us what to prioritize when we finish up development and can start. There’s no timeline for when things will be finished since some improvements are fast while others can take a lot of development effort. So we weigh votes and the amount of effort needed when choosing what we can fit into the time available. We rarely decline improvements – the only time we can recall that happening is when we were asked to integrate with a service provider who didn’t have an integration we could use. But even that is pretty rare these days.

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