Show color options


Show color options for each product on the main catalog page before the item is clicked.


Color Chip Placement on Product Card - Featured Products and Catalog
The red marks show where color chips would be useful.


5 Replies to “Show color options”

  1. I’ve added a screenshot of where the development team believes would be a great placement for color chips (the blocks of colors) available for that product. Comment if you think other placements would be better or if you have additional ideas on this suggestion.

    1. Yes please. I get customers says I wish you offered more colors. I am like did you click on the item to see all the color options. Most say no. So I feel there lose of revenue due to this feature missing.

  2. Please do this! It has created so many more hours answering emails asking if we have other colors because people didn’t click on it because they didn’t like that color!

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