Ink It Your Way Testimonial

“We have been using SSS for about a year and have found it to be a valuable asset to our retail store. It allows us to tailor our offerings to a client’s needs and manage the process from start to finish. We do a lot of work with schools and organizations that do various events and online stores are a valuable way to offer the most information while limiting choices. No more paper orders trying to decipher what they want – sizing is no longer an issue with the size charts available for stock products. We receive payments upfront, purchasing, and shop work orders are clear and notifications to our clients as their orders are processed is a huge improvement for us.

We have found it to be user friendly and the features being added often have expanded the experience greatly. I like the fundraiser option as well as it allows our customers pricing flexibility. Overall we have been very happy with it and the community FB page is a great resource with people that do the things we do! Greg has been a tremendous help with any and all questions and has worked diligently with the SSS team to ensure we have the tools needed to be successful.

I highly recommend SSS to anyone needing an online store that is easy to use, tracks data, and creates production flow.”

– Tammy, Ink It Your Way

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