Bulk updating prices

The ability to bulk update items, especially pricing. Also would love the ability to bulk upload new items from a template. I did this with eBay for years, over 10k items at a time, uploaded from a CSV or Excel file. Definitely a power user item, but with pricing changing the way it has been, we need a more efficient way to update prices if nothing else.

Expand abillity to gather information when customer’s are checking out

When working with schools/teams it is really necessary to be able to collect more than just the name of the person ordering. The name of the Student, the name of the teacher….etc are all extremely necessary.

The solution to use the “notes” option hardly provides enough of a fix, especially considering the 40 character limit.

Update to “selected combination is not available”

It would look so much more legit and professional if instead of simply not changing the product color image when the option is not available, that you can click on every color option and see what sizes are and aren’t available for that color option. On most clothing store websites, the size will be crossed out when not available for a color selection. This change would be so greatly appreciated!

Note Label-Number of characters

We would really like to see the Notes label have a lot more characters that are currently allowed. We need to sometimes give more specific instructions and are very limited with what we can enter.