Partial Refunds

There should be a way to return a partial refund on orders placed.
right now you can only refund the full order.


It would be great to have more product options for 1 design – have the design be displayed and then be able to offer tees, hoodies, tanks ect. on the same design. Dropdown menus that can be custom for single items not at the end of the order. More ways to adding 1 design with 4 different options separate make the stores too big and too confusing for customers. Options to be set up more like ETSY!

Ability to delete abandoned carts

I have many open carts are well over a year old and some abandoned carts have nothing in them so there’s no information retained.
Other open carts have been processed as orders at a later date so there’s no reason to keep the incomplete duplicate. Open carts for stores that have closed are irrelevant if the event is past or the customer does not want to reopen the campaign.

Square Payment Gateway

Please add Square as a payment gateway and merchant service provider.

I am a small business who only works with Square. I’m sure many small businesses will benefit from you adding Square as an option