Spring Spirit Sale™ Enhancements!

The spring season means cleaning and improving efficiency, and the same is true for STAHLS’ Spirit Sale™. We recently made a few updates to the software to keep stores running as smoothly as possible as orders heat up for busy season!

QR Codes

Subscribers now have the option to use QR codes for products. You can access this feature within the Product Details page under the Assign & Publish Your Product section. There, you’ll see a QR code button for each store. Please note that your store AND product must be published in order to download the image of the QR code to provide to your customers.

Work Order Report

With newly added visual lines to the Work Order Report functionality, users will experience improved readability. The layout update is simple but enhances legibility for important work order documentation.

Custom Domains

Custom domains were previously required to include the .spiritsale.com linking. Now, it’s possible for your customers to only see custom domains throughout every stage of the store until checkout. Instead of www.customdomain.spiritsale.com, your customers can see just www.customdomain.com.

This update allows you to create specific custom domains per store without having to use Spirit Sale™ branding for the majority of the end-user experience.

More Updates

These small spring improvements are part of some larger overall developments for Spirit Sale™. We’re excited to announce a few highly requested enhancements in the near future, so stay tuned!

NEW SPIRIT SALE™ Features – Invoicing & Production Report Improvements

Happy New Year! We’re excited to share the latest updates for Spirit Sale™, the most powerful ecommerce platform on the market for apparel decorators. Check out the newest software features!

Generate Bulk Invoices

You can now generate bulk invoices from the orders page or one production group. This feature uses a new layout like Packing Slips but with additional information.

Bulk Mark Orders as Shipped

From the orders page or one production group, you can now mark multiple orders as shipped all at once.

Download Customizations

Download name and number personalization’s from the production group.

Generate Production Reports

You can generate and download any production report such as Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Packing Slips, and Invoices from the Orders screen.

Enhanced Invoices

The invoice layout has been improved and are based on settings at the store level.

Ready to learn more? Ask us anything! Schedule a Live Question & Session to answer your questions and learn how STAHLS’ Spirit Sale™ can be a solution to grow your business.

Spirit Sale is Helping Apparel Decorating Businesses Succeed

Spirit Sale Customer Testimonials

STAHLS’ Spirit Sale has been so successful helping businesses stay on track, meet business goals, keep orders organized, and so much more. In fact, our online selling platform has managed to help customers generate over $4 million in revenue since launch. Customers have created over 6,500 stores with each store bringing in an average of $1,233.44. With no hidden fees and one flat, annual rate, Sprit Sale is a great choice for businesses wanting to start selling online. Continue reading “Spirit Sale is Helping Apparel Decorating Businesses Succeed”

10 Reasons to Choose Spirit Sale over Other eCommerce Platforms

STAHLS Spirit Sale eCommerce Platform

If you’re unfamiliar with STAHLS’ Spirit Sale, this awesome eCommerce platform is the ultimate online selling solution your business needs. Easily set up shops, manage customer orders, and schedule production all from one central location. With Spirit Sale, you can customize each store for your client, giving it the look they want and filling it with the apparel and accessories they need. With three online designers to fit any decorating need, a fully integrated apparel catalog, and a competitive price, this eCommerce platform is designed to make your life and selling experience easier. Continue reading “10 Reasons to Choose Spirit Sale over Other eCommerce Platforms”