The Latest Spirit Sale™ Software Enhancements

In the two years since launch, STAHLS’ Spirit Sale™ has been an extremely successful tool for heat printing businesses. Recently, we made some extensive updates to the ecommerce platform to allow your business to stay organized and up to date for your customers.

Spirit Sale™ Notifications

Users can change where their “order received” emails go and can now send confirmation emails to multiple people. Within each email, there is more editing capability including rich text and HTML coding.

Notification Functionality

The notifications tab has been improved for better overall clarity. Users can customize the status of order notifications from initial order placed, through order creation and production, and finally order completion and shipping.

Keyword Search

Users are now able to use keywords within any customer emails to insert data and better personalize and improve content for customer notifications.

Password Management

Previously, users had to put in a Quality Experience case for password resets. This is updated for self-service, with users now having the ability to update or reset passwords manually.

Additional Payment Method

Braintree has been added as a new payment method for customer convenience.

Custom Domain Support

Subscribers can use what’s called an “A Name” entry for custom domains. This allows you to completely mask the front end of the Spirit Sale™ store for better customer personalization. Please note, the Spirit Sale URL will always be visible within the shopping cart.

Even More Platform Enhancements

  • Enhanced order filtering options based on created/opening/closing dates, and shipping/payment methods
  • Improved store cloning capabilities – clone products and live editor settings  
  • Time zone functionality now defaults to the subscriber’s time zone settings
  • Added a QR code for stores that you can download and use in marketing to direct customers to their stores
  • Improvements and additions to the Store Index Page – added icons, color coding options, revenue indicators, banner, etc.

Educational Resources

Check out the weekly training sessions and join the Spirit Sale™ Facebook group to stay up to date on the software possibilities and latest innovations! We have Q&A sessions and new dealer orientation available, ready to schedule at your convenience!

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