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Tune up your shop with production management tools

An efficient shop is a consistent shop. The more organized you are, the more focus you can have on producing a quality product and promoting your business. Know deadlines, inventory, and revenue – down to the last detail

Oversee Production

Take control of every aspect of running your shop. Track every sale from payment to production and shipping, leaving no room for mistakes. Quickly find where specific orders are in the process. Use reports to know your costs, profits, and taxes down to the last cent.

Avoid the Headaches of Disconnected Systems

Spirit Sale keeps everything in a central spot, so when you need information, you know exactly where to look. One dashboard for tracking production and revenue keeps your shop on track and profitable.

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Spend Time Efficiently

With everything in a central spot, you know where to look when you need information.


Skip the Mistakes

Eliminate confusion and avoid errors with correct and readable information.


Tighten Up Production

Accurate inventory and artwork details help you dodge production bottlenecks.

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For Heat Printers, By Heat Printers

Spirit Sale equips you to track every detail of fulfillment – from incoming receipts to shipping notices – and keep production running smoothly. We know how hectic running a business can be, so we designed Spirit Sale to eliminate confusion and cut stress.

Management Toolbox

Managing your shop starts with knowing every aspect of production.

The tools in this toolbox include:

  • Production Board and Calendar
  • Order Tracking
  • Inventory and Revenue Reports

Use Spirit Sale to Nail Down Your Production Process


Track Everything

Spirit Sale equips you to track orders through every step. Track production status, payment, and shipping, all within a few clicks.


Group Up

Group orders into production groups based off the criteria you set. Have a set of orders to ship ASAP for a deadline? Group them together and expedite them.


Get Organized

Schedule important production deadlines and events in the Spirit Sale Calendar. Use the Production Board to see where each Production Group is in the fulfillment process.


Keep Your Warehouse in Order

With all the moving parts of production, an organized warehouse is essential. A messy inventory can lead to stoppage in production, costing you time and money.

Purchase and Produce with Confidence

Every order starts with right apparel and transfers. Streamlining purchasing and inventory irons out any wrinkle in production.


Connected Systems

Spirit Sale connects with Transfer Express. Add items from the stock apparel catalog directly to your Transfer Express cart.


Track Inventory

Easily store and track inventory of items you keep in-house. Spirit Sale will remove them as they are used.


Go Deep

Every order is given a QR code. Using a QR scanner, know what the order is and where each piece is in production.

Let Us Show You How

Spirit Sale is a whole toolbox designed to help your business. Get started with Spirit Sale and see efficiency grow.
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