Custom Sublimation Heat Transfers

Soft Hand & Vibrant Colors: Sublimation Transfers

Sublimation Transfers are transfers using special inks to apply to polyester garments. When heat pressed, these sublimation inks convert from a solid to a gas. The ink is infused with the garment fibers, transforming back into a solid when cooled, and dyeing the polyester.

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Sublimation Backpack and Baseball Cap

Benefits of Sublimation Transfers

Softest Hand

Sublimation Transfers print directly into the garment so the surface texture doesn’t change.

Single Layer

Single layer application for multiple colors for a weightless finish.

Vibrant Colors

Easily achieve vibrant, full color prints, even neon.


Full color digital transfers for 30% less than other transfers.

Get Creative

Decorate more than apparel, headbands, mugs, mousepads, coasters, photo frames, phone cases, and more.

Sublimation Sample
Sublimation Sample
Sublimation Sample
Sublimation Sample Closeup

Lightweight, Full Color Designs

Sublimation Transfers only work on polyester and work best on white polyester garments. They create full vibrant colors on light colored garments. For sport performance applications, where garment weight is crucial, sublimation transfers add little weight to the garment. In addition to garments, multiple additional products are compatible with sublimation transfers.

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